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Maid Simply Inc. provides a wide range of exceptional and high quality business cleaning services. Your work place is your business card and we will keep your space in top shape to protect the health and safety of your staff. Exceptional results are what we are known for!

We are here for you and your business as you can trust our professional and experienced staff!

Medical Centre Training

Maid Simply can guarantee you that nothing will be missed when cleaning your medical facility! Weapply our highest quality standards to make sure your clinic and its cleanness does not pose any health risk to your staff and patients! Disinfection of all areas is our top priority which is why we workwith you and your staff to understand your outmost important cleaning needs.

Daycare Centre And
Educational Facilities

Our children are precious to all of us! They deserve to play and grow within a facility that does not pose any risks to their health and wellbeing. That is why Maid Simply will make sure to provide daycare centres and schools with the outmost detail to disinfecting high traffic areas, door handles, light switches and much more. At the same time, parents will also be at peace knowing that you care for their children by providing them with a clean facility.

Retail Stores

Maid Simply has over a decade of experience in the cleaning industry. Our cleaning approachwill meet the needs of your business and the requirements of any present situation that you maybe faced with in the retail setting. We make sure that you have a clean and safe store which inthe end translates to a prosperous workplace for you as the owner. Proper disinfection of allareas is the key due to the continuous traffic! Your store is your business card and we will make sure to keep it shining and ready to sell.

Post Construction Cleaning

Every builder is eager to pass on the keys to the new and excited buyers! Maid Simply makes surethat no detail is missed! From the construction dust to the fine detail such as shining chrome in thebathroom, we know how to deliver a spotless ready to move in home for your client! Trust us andthink of Maid Simply as the cherry on top of that cake.

With Maid Simply you are guaranteed the following and much more:

Our trained team works and adapts to different space based on your needs and requirements!There is no job too small or too big! Our dedicated and qualified team primarily provides cleaning services for offices, educational facilities, medical centres and various clinics, gyms and sportingcomplexes, retail stores, restaurants, banquet facilities, commercial units, construction sites andindustrial cleans. If your business is not mentioned, just give us a call and we will service you!

We make sure all your needs are met by doing the following and much more upon request!


We are best known for our tailored services that provide consistency and flexibility to all clients! Ourdedicated team works during the hours you want us to work! Day or night we will clean your officespace with full dedication at a competitive and affordable rate as we will set a schedule that worksfor you and your budget.

All Areas

  • Clean and disinfect front entrance including door
  • Clean and disinfect light switches, door handles,
    elevator buttons
  • Dust all required areas including baseboards,
    mirrors, doors, fans and ceiling lights
  • Dust all high surfaces and fixtures including all
    art on the wall
  • Collect all waste from areas specified and wipe
    down the bins when necessary
  • Floors will be vacuumed/dust and mopped


  • Disinfect and dust all desks, table tops, counter tops, chairs, filing cabinets and all other furniture and equipment necessary including glass partitions


  • Fridge, stove, microwave and toaster will be
    cleaned on the outside
  • Kitchen sink will be washed and disinfected
  • Countertops will be wiped and disinfected
    together with any tables and chairs in the
    kitchen/lunch room


  • All washroom fixtures are cleaned and disinfected
    including mirrors, sinks, toilets,urinals, faucets and
    soap dispensers
  • Washroom supplies that are provided by the client
    will be replenished by our staff

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Our experienced and professional staff are trained to communicate with you in order to cater to individual requirements in your home.