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“With two small kids, it's hard to keep up with the cleaning! The ladies from Maid Simply take care of the little things I don't always have time to do myself. They do a great job every time and that's one less stress for me!”

Julie-Anne, Oakville

"I've been a customer of maid simply for about a year. The girls do a great job cleaning our home. They are reliable, professional and consistent. I would highly recommend Maid Simply"


“Once again ladies did excellent quality work in cleaning our house so please pass on our thanks.”

Ellen, Burlington

“Maid Simply gives us excellent service every time!! Love coming home to my super clean house!!”

Sally, Burlington

“Maid Simply cares about their service to their clients. They want to make sure the customer is happy. The girls are doing a great job and even let the dog out for us!!”

Jennifer, Burlington

“We have used this cleaning service for ten years. We appreciate the quality and efficiency of the cleaning crew. “

Ben, Burlington

“Quite simply, Maid Simply is a fantastic cleaning service!! I have used them for almost eight years now in my home in Oakville. Recently, the company has changed ownership and is better than ever. They not only do a great job but are flexible, accommodating to my particular needs and the cleaning ladies are friendly, upbeat and focused on getting the job done. Highly recommend them!”

Wendy, Oakville

“Maid Simply is just that ... Ewa and her staff have been very professional and flexible in accommodating my busy schedule. I couldn't be happier with the personal service and value. Thank you.”

Bob, Oakville

"I went through four different cleaning services in the last two years and will definitely be sticking with Maid Simply. They are reliable, courteous, and responsive to feedback. Ewa took the time to listen to my needs and priorities and the cleaners are more attentive to these than previous services that we have used."

Corrie, Burlington

“We are a large and busy family and having a cleaning service that is dependable and responsible is essential. The team at Maid Simply always come on the day and time they are scheduled, which means the cleanings aren't disruptive to our family life. It makes such a difference knowing the team will work around our schedule and we really appreciate it.”

Louise, Oakville

“We have been a client of Maid Simply for over 5 years and have overall been very pleased by the service and the quality of our home cleanings. The one thing that has been exemplary over the years is the customer service, ensuring that we are completely satisfied with our cleaning services. We would highly recommend Maid Simply!”

Jenny, Burlington

“We are very happy with the services of Maid Simply. Ewa and her team do a terrific job. They listen carefully to what is needed and work diligently to ensure our expectations are met. Extremely thorough and efficient. Thank you!”

Hilary, Burlington

"Each time our cleaners come from Maid Simply, we know that they will be professional, prompt, and thorough. Our house is sparkling clean when they leave! We've had over 3 years of service, and we love the service we get."

Laura, Burlington

"Wonderful company with professional cleaning staff. Always on time with the work being completed efficiently with care. Would recommend it!"

Nicole, Oakville

"We have been clients of Maid Simply for over a year now. We enjoy their excellent customized service from a team of delightful people. They provide all their own equipment and pet friendly products. I highly recommend them."

Lesley, Burlington

"Our family has been using Maid Simply for several years and are always happy with their service. They are always on time, professional and do an amazing job cleaning our home. They work so hard and it shows! We have three young children and treated ourselves to this cleaning service and it is so worth it. There is nothing like coming home to such a clean house and we just get to enjoy our time at home without the worry of having to clean the house. Highly recommended!"

Stephanie, Burlington

"I have been using Maid Simply for the past couple of years and have found them to be very friendly, hard working, accommodating, professional, and honest. Eva and her team are doing a wonderful job and I highly recommend their services."

Tahira, Oakville

"I have used their services for over 5 years and I'm a happy customer. Their cleaning is always done in a timely manner. Staff are always pleasant. The staff do work hard to provide a good house cleaning."

Margaret, Oakville

"Very professional team and have good attention to detail. Very flexible when able to be on schedule."

Lisa, Oakville

"I have been looking for the right cleaning service for many months. Maid Simply exceeded my expectations on so many levels. The ladies arrived on time....were efficient....brought their own cleaning supplies including vacuum and did an amazing job! The owner was quick to respond to my questions and satisfied my cleaning needs. I would highly recommend this team to anyone looking for a quality cleaning service!"


"I really like this company, the owner is so responsive and attentive. The staff are super nice and interested in providing a quality clean, we have used them multiple times and we are always pleased because the quality has been very consistent. I highly recommend it!!!"

Sean, Oakville

"I have had the ladies at Maid Simply cleaning my place for over 5 years. They have always made an effort to accommodate my schedule and make sure that the service was completed consistently and professionally. Ewa has always been in touch and communicative ensuring that the service level has been high. Highly recommended."


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